Human Relations Commission

Council Chambers, 990 Palm Street, San Luis Obispo

Special Meeting of the Human Relations Commission

The Human Relations Commission holds in-person meetings. Zoom participation will not be supported at this time.




Public Comment prior to the meeting (must be received 3 hours in advance of the meeting):

Mail - Delivered by the U.S. Postal Service. Address letters to the City Clerk's Office at 990 Palm Street, San Luis Obispo, California, 93401.

Email - Submit Public Comments via email to [email protected]. In the body of your email, please include the date of the meeting and the item number (if applicable). Emails will not be read aloud during the meeting.

Voicemail - Call (805) 781-7164 and leave a voicemail. Please state and spell your name, the agenda item number you are calling about, and leave your comment. Verbal comments must be limited to 3 minutes. Voicemails will not be played during the meeting.


*All correspondence will be archived and distributed to members, however, submissions received after the deadline may not be processed until the following day.


Public Comment during the meeting:

Meetings are held in-person. To provide public comment during the meeting, you must be present at the meeting location.

Electronic Visual Aid Presentation. To conform with the City's Network Access and Use Policy, Chapter 1.3.8 of the Council Policies & Procedures Manual, members of the public who desire to utilize electronic visual aids to supplement their oral presentation are encouraged to provide display-ready material to the City Clerk by 12:00 p.m. on the day of the meeting. Contact the City Clerk's Office at [email protected] or (805) 781-7114.

Chair Kasprzak will call the Special Meeting of the Human Relations Commission to order.

On June 18, 2024, the City Council approved the appointment to City Advisory Bodies, which appointed Mason Ambrosio to a 2-year term on the Human Relations Commission, commencing on July 10, 2024. A representative of the City Clerk's Office will administer the Oath of Office to the re-appointed Commissioner.

The public is encouraged to submit comments on any subject within the jurisdiction of the Human Relations Commission that does not appear on this agenda. Although the Commission will not take action on items presented during the Public Comment Period, the Chair may direct staff to place an item on a future agenda for discussion.

Matters appearing on the Consent Calendar are expected to be non-controversial and will be acted upon at one time. A member of the public may request the Human Relations Commission to pull an item for discussion. The public may comment on any and all items on the Consent Agenda within the three-minute time limit.

  • Recommendation:

    Select up to three (3) Commissioners to participate in a subcommittee to review applications for the DEI High Impact Grant and provide preliminary funding recommendations to the entire Human Relations Commission.

  • Recommendation:

    The HRC to select up to three (3) committee members to form an ad hoc learning subcommittee to receive information from the CA Civil Rights Department Community Conflict Resolution Unit (CCRU).

  • Recommendation:

    Review, evaluate, and provide feedback to staff on the 2024-25 Human Relations Commission Workplan draft document.

Receive a brief update from Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Manager Nestor Veloz-Passalacqua.

The next Regular Meeting of the Human Relations Commission is scheduled for August 7, 2024 at 5:00 p.m. in the Council Hearing Room at City Hall, 990 Palm Street, San Luis Obispo.

LISTENING ASSISTIVE DEVICES are available -- see the Clerk

The City of San Luis Obispo wishes to make all of its public meetings accessible to the public. Upon request, this agenda will be made available in appropriate alternative formats to persons with disabilities. Any person with a disability who requires a modification or accommodation in order to participate in a meeting should direct such request to the City Clerk’s Office at (805) 781-7114 at least 48 hours before the meeting, if possible. Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (805) 781-7410.

Agenda related writings or documents provided to the Human Relations Commission are available for public inspection on the City’s website, under the Public Meeting Agendas web page: Meeting audio recordings can be found on the City’s website:


Starting on July 8, 2024, any community member who attends a public City Council or City Advisory Body meeting can receive a complimentary parking validation ticket good for up to one hour of parking in the public parking garage at 919 Palm Street or 871 Marsh Street. Validation tickets will be handed out at the beginning of the meeting. More information can be found at!/